For how many days can I use this?

You can use one box with 30 sheets for 15 days when attaching it to both feet. (When attaching it to a foot, you can use them for a month.) In general, it is good to attach it to the both feet at the same time for 30 days to obtain the maximum benefit.

Should I attach it only to the sole of the foot?

Basically, you should attach it to the sole of your foot at least. Besides, if you attach it to other painful parts, it will raise synergism. At first, you should attach it to the entire sole of the foot, so as to find out where the sap sheet absorbs the most waste. Then you should continue to attach the sheet to that part of your foot.

What’s the reason to necessarily attach the sheet to the sole of feet?

As the soles of the feet are connected with all the parts of the body and they are said to be a miniature of the human body, they play a role of a second heart. Humans walk erect, so the body weight concentrates to the sole of feet. Therefore, the sole is where most of the wastes accumulate and for this reason, you should attach the sheet to the sole of feet.

What should we use this, what effect it has and should we attach it only at night?

Before sleeping, attach a sheet to the soles of each feet. It is okay to use it during the day time, but as it absorbs waste the sap sheet becomes slimy, which may cause discomfort. Therefore, it is best to attach it to the sole of the foot shortly before going to sleep at night. Generally, three~four hours after attaching it, it starts absorbing waste. It is basic to attach it for about 5~8 hours, but people can shorten or lengthen the time according to the situation. In general, you use it every day or every other day for the first one or two months, and then it is desirable to use it regularly two or three times a week. It is good to use it whenever you feel pain. At first, attach three sheets to the upper, middle and lower part of the foot. In the morning, you can asses which sheet has absorbed the greatest quantity of waste. The next night, attach the sheet to this part exclusively. Even if waste is not absorbed during one night, if you use the product for another couple of days, you will be able to confirm with your eyes that wastes have been absorbed. Sheets that have not absorbed waste can be reused. After use, don’t forget to wash it clean.

You say that if we attach the Detox Foot Patch, wastes come out. What’s the principle?

Bamboo sap or tree sap, or the other materials used for Detox Foot Patch are known to have abilities to discharge poisonous matters and purify impurities. These materials absorb body wastes through pores of the sole. You can think treatment through plasters or poultices. It is the same principle as when you get a bruise, the bruise, a kind of waste, comes out of the body after attaching crushed fruits of the gardenia.

Are there any ingredients of the sap sheet which we should be careful of when using it?

None. Among the ingredients of the sap sheets, there is nothing to harm or hinder the activities of human body. You can use this with confidence, because we have used only natural materials known to be good for human body.

Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods ARTG Number (201148) Guaranteed Genuine Detox Foot Patches from a GMP Certified Manufacturer. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.