Bamboo Vinegar and Tree vinegar Natural Detox Foot Patch



The Japanese and Chinese, has been researching the properties of bamboo for 26 years, they discovered an amazing fact: A mature bamboo will absorb a great amount of water per day from underground. The bamboo has the super-absorb ability. Put the high quality bamboo under high temperature, after several days, the researchers got the bamboo vinegar liquid, which also has the super-absorb ability, But the bamboo vinegar liquid can not be delivered and used conveniently. In order to solve this problem, the professor invented special high technology to solve this problem. Using this special technology, the PHD distilled the bamboo liquid. And finally was able to get the bamboo vinegar extract. Then he added other essential factors: vegetable fiber (which can supply microelement to human), tourmaline (which can give out far-infrared ray), and so on. Finally, he invented the detox foot patch.

The main ingredient of detox foot patch is the bamboo vinegar powder, which was distilled by bamboo vinegar liquid by using modern high technology. The detox foot patch can dispell toxins, clear odour, Bamboo vinegar extract’s cell is tiny, it has high penetration, can remove dirty things and toxin deeply in human body. If you attach it before sleep and remove it in the morning, sticky moisture (Toxins and Metabolic wastes) come out.. Then your body is light. Attach the Detox Foot Patch to the soles of the feet shortly before going to sleep at night. Three hours after a:taching it. people can confirm that waste has come out of the body. It is best to attach it for about S-8 hours1 bJt people can shorten or lengthen the amount time depending on individual circumstances.

Foot patches maintain a powerful reputation in traditional medicine, with well documented use in China that dates back over 500 years. Simple yet effective, foot patches are based on the principles of Eastern medicine, which teaches that toxins move away from the heart and towards the extremities of the body - including the feet, where toxins accumulate. In traditional Chinese medicine the feet are regarded as your "second heart" and a mirror of internal health.

A foot patch in Action